Experience a World of Wonders

At the School of Tomorrow Festival 2015, satiate your yearning for learning at FULL STEAM, an interactive, educational, science and art exhibition for children and adults.
Here everyone can interact with the most innovative art installations and tinker with interactive science stations that both teach and entertain. Build, explore, learn and enjoy the FULL STEAM exhibit as you experience the world of tomorrow, today!




FULL STEAM is proud to feature Minecraft, a dynamic digital gaming environment that allows users to build and create. Minecraft offers a way to teach, learn and inspire students and teachers to explore mathematical concepts like perimeter, area and volume while generating innovative ideas.

3D Printer

The 3D Printer display at FULL STEAM shows the astonishing range of items that can be created with a 3D printing device. 3D printing in education is a powerful tool. It supports students in conceptualising and visualising designs through their stages of development, from sketches to the final product. It fuels limitless creativity and offers the students the opportunity to see, hold and test their ideas in real space.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a digitally-generated, three-dimensional environment that can be explored and interacted with. Students learn best by doing or by being; they shouldn’t just study archaeology, they should ‘be’ archaeologists. With Virtual Reality, they can visit the bottom of the sea in the morning and the surface of the sun in the afternoon and let learning occur in the ‘authentic context’ of a real landscape. Virtual Reality at FULL STEAM can be explored using Google cardboard and the GoPro camera rig.


FULL STEAM Makerspace is a shared space with a set of shared tools. Clear explanations of the tools, software, materials and layout will be provided to encourage creative ideas and experimentation to investigate the working mechanism of machines/devices used in daily life. The objective of the Makerspace is based on the philosophy of hands-on learning through building things. A wide-ranging collection of materials, tools and technologies are provided to explore and create some of the following:

  • Hot/cold sensor
  • Electromagnetic bell/buzzer
  • Power generation
  • Blinking lights
  • Rubber guitar
  • Daylight sensor
  • Paper speaker
  • Electronic alarm
  • Toy insect
  • Magnet train
  • Arduino platform

Laser Harp

The Laser Harp is interactive, educational artwork that combines light and sound. Participants ‘play’ the harp’s bright laser strings and in turn control the musical sounds and projections of the accompanying animation. The laser harp has wide-ranging educational benefits as it reinforces basic knowledge of physics and sparks curiosity by demonstrating the fundamental links between frequency, colour, velocity, pitch, volume and magnitude.

Enhanced Learning Environment (ELE)

Enhanced Learning Environments (ELE) are the classrooms of tomorrow. Research indicates that if applied effectively, technology implementation not only increases students’ understanding, learning and achievement but also augments motivation, collaboration and develops critical thinking and problem solving skills. Interact with IWB, ActiveTable, digital microscopes, data loggers, tablets, Bee-Bots® and other digital devices and experience the classrooms of tomorrow at FULL STEAM.

Mohatta Palace Model

Equipping students with the skills required to succeed in an ever-increasing digitally globalised world remains a priority. Depicting art using digital technology was the idea behind this project being exhibited at FULL STEAM. Students photographed images of Mohatta Palace and Kothari Parade during an outdoor session. These images were then enhanced and depicted using Photoshop. The unique perspective of each image was the result of the students’ collaborative efforts.

3D Peacock

Students created a 3D life-size peacock, which will be featured at FULL STEAM. They found, collected and used different types of used material. The significance of producing this bird with used material is to make viewers aware of the importance of recycling and to decrease the amount of waste in our environment.

E-Waste Elephant

E-waste is a mammoth problem, aptly depicted using the structure of an elephant. With the extremely fast paced innovation in technology resulting in the introduction of upgraded models of electronic gadgets, e-waste has become a huge problem. We can find stacks of e-waste comprising various broken, malfunctioning and obsolete gadgets. Students have recognised this issue and proposed recycling solutions for the same which will be shared at FULL STEAM. 
Hydraulic Crane

The incidence of natural disasters has increased drastically due to changes in the environment over the last decade. The global threat of terrorism is also on the rise resulting in infrastructural damage leading to human casualties. Pakistan lacks expertise and equipment required to combat these natural and man-made catastrophes. The model crane which will be displayed at FULL STEAM works on a very basic hydraulic mechanism and proves to be cost efficient as well as easy to operate. Rescue operations could have a far higher success rate with this crane. 

Medicinal Flowers

As a result of the increasing awareness of the side-effects of allopathic medicines, the trend to revert to homeopathic and herbal medicines is increasing. Pakistan has the advantage of varied landscapes and climate that allows a diversity of flora. This FULL STEAM project identifies the growth of various plants with their specific medicinal qualities. It endorses the use of these natural resources not only as a healthier option but also promotes local products rather than relying solely on imported medicines.

Wonder o’ Clock

After the traumatic attack on December 16, 2014, educational institutions countrywide have stepped up their security measures in an effort to keep their students safe. These measures include evacuation and lockdown drills triggered by piercing sirens. Students analysed the detrimental psychological effects of such sirens and proposed a milder solution especially for kindergarten and primary school students. The Wonder o’ Clock rather than telling time will signal various drills using jingles and LED lights.

Book Sculpture

FULL STEAM artwork is inspired by David Kracov’s breath-taking sculpture titled ‘The Book of Life’. Butterflies are a prominent feature in Kracov’s work who believes they represent the delicacy and value of a child’s life. After creating the world-famous sculpture, which represents the children who lost their lives in the holocaust, Kracov now adds one single butterfly to every piece that he creates. These butterflies are a tribute to the delicacy and value of a child’s life and have become Kracov’s signature trademark.


As part of their ongoing conceptual model-making project, students have made a life-sized installation for the School of Tomorrow and FULL STEAM exhibit. The venue is the patio at the Beach Luxury Hotel and the area designated has a tree in it. Keeping the tree as our datum, we worked around the concept of spirituality. The exhibit is meant to remind the audience of the purpose of life and to take them on a journey of spirituality which brings them closer to nature and momentarily distances them from the manmade world.

Media and Digital Learning Aquarium

Technology and media have become an integral part of our lives. Their applications have made our lives infinitely more convenient; they connect distant associates, provide limitless information and are a source of fun and enjoyment. The FULL STEAM project shows different media applications that define our daily activities, represented by different boxes. The aquarium shows how small the world has really become due to these applications, which are all interconnected in a massive web of limitless potential.

You can find all this and a whole lot more at these spectacular displays. So don’t miss out on the world of wonders at the FULL STEAM exhibit which will run all day at the School of Tomorrow Festival 2015 on November 28 and 29, 2015.